Antonio Meccariello

Now based in Napoli, Antonio Meccariello’s familly is originally from a small town near Benevento, the region was known for having been during the 1950’s an important hub for shoemaking. Many specialized small workshops frequently homebased, were at that time flourishing in the area. Thus, Antonio learned from his grandfather who practiced as a bespoke shoemaker and his parents who together started a small-scaled factory specialized in cutting and stitching the uppers. The factory soon came into being acclaimed to French and Italian designers thanks to the precision and quality of their work. Concerned about his lineage, Antonio studied shoemaking and trained as an apprentice in Milan.

Antonio, then came back to his home town attentive to study further the many unrevealed secrets of Neapolitan shoemaking. After establishing his own workshop in Benevento purveying bespoke shoes, his footwear encountered an absolute success among Neapolitan’s elite and dandies. Gentlemen such as Mariano Rubinacci, Ciro Paone and Antonio de Matte (from Kiton) later asked him to help for the introduction of a Ready to Wear line.

We, at Medallion now present both Antonio Titanus line specially developed for Medallion with special, sleek and elegant lasts featuring incredible patinas, and the Aurum line made to the same extent as bespoke.