Gaziano & Girling

The eponymous brand Gaziano & Girling was established in 2006, the factory was set in Kettering within the Northamptonshire in England. The area is famous for housing the core of British footwear manufacturing. Shoemaking is very anchored in Northamptonshire, as at the end of the nineteenth century half the men living in Northampton, were practising as shoemakers. More than 2000 living souls are still working within the industry nowadays in the area. Gaziano & Girling can pride itself of being the first new shoe manufacturing company to start in the region in over 100 years.

Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling, have both worked for bespoke bootmaker George Cleverley, and Northampton top of the notch manufacturer Edward Green as last maker before creating their own company, Gaziano & Girling. Their skills combined allowed Tony and Dean to incorporate handcrafting to industrial process and altogether to put itself at the top of both the bespoke and bench made industries. G&G offers two line, the bench made and Deco. The Deco range being very contemporary, the style is instilled by the architecture and eccentric spirit from the Roaring twenties. G&G plays with revisiting traditional conservative British footwear and giving it a creative modern twist with a touch of continental flair.


At Medallion, we started our collaboration few years ago with Gaziano & Girling as we were captivated by the quality of Gaziano & Girling’s lasts, leathers and finishing. Straight away, our customers have recognized and appreciated Gaziano & Girling models for their refinement.  Thus through time, Medallion has become one of the G&G’s most important worldwide retailer.

We currently stock in our shop a fine selection of 50+ models unveiling different patinas, lasts and styles. To satisfy our exigent clientele we not only offer a large variety of Ready to Wear footwear from Gaziano & Girling’s Bench-made collection and Deco collection, but also we provide our customer with a Made to Order service assisting them in imagining the pair they would dream of.


As Gaziano & Girling most important retailer in Asia, we were given the chance to stock the limited edition Savile in deep blue patina made for Gaziano & Girling 10th Anniversary that is exclusively sold at their Savile Row flagship store in London. We also had the opportunity to develop in collaboration with Gaziano & Girling, shoes trees dyed to our color, intense Medallion Blue for G&G footwear.

Finally, Medallion is currently the only authorized retailer to undertake Made to Order Hand-stained patina customization, the patinas still remain made in their Kettering, Northamptonshire’s workshop in England.