What is MTO

MTO stands for Made to Order, MTO pairs are models that are not presented within the current collection or that are specially made for the customers according to its requirements and desires. The model can be whether an old model that used to be produced by the manufacturer or a  totally new model envisioned by the customer.

By listening and understanding your needs, we learn how best to serve them. Whether it be in store, at a trunk show or online, service is at the heart of everything we do.

What is the process of MTO


First of all, we will welcome our dear customers’ idea for a new model, they will share with us a detailed description or a photograph of what they have in mind. The description would include requested pattern, broguing, and any special features (leather pulling tabs for boots, seamless oxford, mocking Toe-cap seam, special medallion, brass nails pegged initials on soles…). Our customers will also specify the leather (we offer mixed leathers) they would like to choose from the manufacture’s sample bunch, the soles (colours), the last, shoe size and width.

Our customers will have to choose from existing lasts developed from, and from a selection of leather within the manufacturer’s leather bunch.

We will ensure with the factory that the pattern of our customers would be achievable and aesthetically appropriate.

Please bear in mind that MTO service comes with an extra cost, associated with the production line being stopped for the time required to produced your model.

MTO Advice


We strongly advise our much appreciated customers, who would be interested in having a pair produce in MTO, to make sure that they already tried or own model(s) from the brand they would like to acquire a pair of MTO model from.

Please let us remind that the exact shoe size from the brand you would like to purchase is needed, as is the width and the last that fit you the best.

Besides, please note that depending the style (Oxford, Derby, Monk, Loafer, Boots) you choose to have an MTO with, wearing may feel slightly different, even if the model has been manufacture on the same shoe last, shoe size and width.

Monks, derby, and models with open laces (quarters sewn on top of the vamp) will feel roomier specially on the instep compared to snugger models with close laces such as Oxford, or not adjustable at the instep such as loafers and Chelsea boots.

Moreover, please be informed that since the production of our footwear requires an important number of handmade operations during the process of manufacturing, no two models are exactly alike and slight variations may occur.

Please send an email to info@medallionshoes.com should you have any questions.