Paolo Scarfora

The legacy of Scafora’s bootmaker can be rooted as early as 1956 in the small city of Casandrino, only few kilometers from Napoli. Paolo’s father, Gennaro Scafora, acquired his craft skills from his own father who practiced as a cobbler.

Paolo steeped in shoemaking since the very moment he was born in 1974 while his father had just opened his workshop manufacturing leather soles for other bootmakers of Napoli. Rocked by the hammering sounds and cradled by the mix of fragrance from leathers, waxes and dyes, Paolo and his brothers grew up playing in the workshop and learned every secrets of Neapolitan craftsmanship from their father. After pursuing its training in Milan then over the world to develop its own techniques and skills, Paolo finally decided to come back to the family workshop.

Paolo and his brothers, now the third generation of Scafora shoemaker, continue to craft footwear in the Neapolitan way driven by the same passion as their elders. The family keep watching over their traditional know-how, still hand-lasting, hand-welting, and hand-staining their footwear, only the sole stitching is machine-made and can be hand-made upon request.

Medallion & Paolo Scafora:Medallion is one of the most important partners of Paolo Scafora worldwide, and also the exclusive dealer in mainland China. Medallion customizes 50+ models of Paolo’s shoes, and has a stock of 500+ ready-to-wear pairs, all of which are from Paolo Scafora’s high-end production line. Medallion also provide MTO and bespoke services at Paolo Scafora’s trunk shows in China annually.