Riccardo Bestetti

The brand Ricardo Bestetti, is named after his late founder name. Riccardo Freccia Bestetti was from an artist family, his brother is a painter and his uncle practice as a publisher. Passionate about shoes since juvenile Riccardo decided to leave for the United States where he started to learn the craft of shoemaking with a Cow-Boy bootmaker in Texas.

While in the United States Riccardo Bestetti formed friendship with someone that will become not only become a very close friend but also his partner Marco Facchinetti. Marco a successful Italian architect working in the USA at that time, felt right away in love for Riccardo’s work, intrigued by the breath-taking proportion, shapes and colours of Riccardo’s footwear. After spending their time in the USA, they then decided to come back to Italy and opened Riccardo Bestetti’s workshop in the small town of Vigevano, located an hour from Milan by car. The duo wanted to create elegant footwear pursuing a great care for the foot anatomy, Bestetti style although inspired by classic traditional Italian is impregnated by his time spent in America, featuring wider welts with wooden pegged fiddle waist and hand-stained translucent patina. Marco, thanks to his designer eyes, set his touch by accentuating the last with more chiselled cap toe, and with eagle claws.

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we stock not only Bestetti’s Hand Welt Collection (outer sole and welt remain stitched by machine) but also the Novecento line, made entirely by hand which is produce with the same requirements as his bespoke line.

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