László Vass founded the eponymous Vass Cipő, as know as Vass Shoes company in 1978 nestled in the heart of Hungary’s capital, Budapest. From a bloodline of shoemaker, László Vass’ vision was to build footwear imbued by traditional craftsmanship. Mr. Vass is taking great pride in manufacturing his footwear using identical tools as those used 200 years ago, with the same techniques and demanding dexterity his ancestor would have demonstrated before him.

Yet, Vass Cipő is far from offering models that would have been stuck in time. Alongside his daughter Eva, and his 20 highly specialized shoemakers, László carries on innovating and shaping his lasts to the latest demand of modern international gentlemen and shoe lovers

For the time to come, László Vass endeavors to prepare the future of Vass by training the next generation of shoemakers.The saga of the Hungarian family business is expecting to keep going as László’s grandchildren are already preparing to take up the torch, soon ready to take over.

Medallion & VASS

 Medallion has very speciall feellings with VASS since Medallion’s founders firstly met each other because of a pair of VASS shoes. Medallion is fond of VASS shoes and is the only authorized dealer of VASS in mainland China. Medallion has a stock of more than 350 pairs of VASS shoes of 50+ models, and can also provide MTO services for our customers.