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Zonkey Boot is a company founded in 2010 by Michael Rollig and his partner Alexandra Diaconu. The couple met in Budapest during an interview conducted by Ms. Diaconu for Forbes magazine when Mr. Rollig was then working at Saint Crispin with his cousin. At Zonkey boot, Mr. Rollig is now in charge of designing the lasts, and elaborating the patterns cutting in Vienna where he lives with his partner.

The pairs are after hand welted, the waist are hand, and leather hand stained in the Italian city of Veneto. Mr. Rollig thanks to its traditional shoemaking expertise also ensure to reintroduce hand making technique to the industrial production at the Veneto workshop.

The Viennese couple choose the extravagant name of Zonkey boot roots as Zonkey is a crossbreed between a Zebra and Donkey. The species reflects the ideology of the brand being a mix between the Zebra representing the wildness and beauty for their fashionable casual footwear stepping aside from traditional footwear designs while the Donkey embodies the reliability in quality, the resistance of time and the hard work input to produce Zonkey boot footwear.

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